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Meet the SVMS Teacher of the Year

Sun Valley Middle School’s Teacher of the Year is Monique Fernandez. She is a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher who came to the middle school level after teaching elementary school for 14 years.  

She has taught in Florida, Maryland, and finally, North Carolina. Some of you may know her from her days at Wesley Chapel Elementary but seven years ago she decided to make the transition to the middle school level.  She wanted to challenge herself by moving to the secondary level which can often be very difficult years for the students.  

She loves building relationships with her students. While helping them grow academically is very fulfilling, even more important to Ms. Fernandez is developing and cementing a relationship with her students in a way that fosters collaboration and trust.

Ms. Fernandez had a teacher hero, Mrs. Perry, who was her fourth grade teacher. Ms. Perry’s ability to control her classroom of ten-year-olds without ver raising her voice. That is talent!

SVMS is so lucky to have Ms. Fernandez! Elementary schools’ loss is our gain!

Maureen Donohue