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SVMS Implements Buddy Program

The Student Lighthouse Team recently started a new program that seeks to pair students who may not know each into a supportive relationship. Sara Gray, a Lighthouse Team member outlines the program.

"The 30 Day Buddy System is a project that the Lighthouse Team has been working hard on for some time now. When coming up with the idea for this project we really wanted students in SVMS to feel connected and know that they have a support system in addition to teachers. When a student signs up for the program on a google form they can pick what grade they want their buddy to be in, then the Student Lighthouse Team will match that student up with another student. Then the partners can connect via Gmail and encourage one other and just be a listening ear Although it’s comparable to accountability partners, it reaches beyond school and academics. Any grade can be paired up with any grade. We were so excited to launch this project and the Lighthouse Team can’t wait for the future projects to come."

Students could enroll in the program through a link provided on the Schoolwide Student Canvas page.

Sara Gray, Student Lighthouse Team member