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DLI classes work on UN goals


Ms. Guida's amazing 8th graders in DLI classes are working with S.D.G's (Sustainable Development Goals) from the United Nations.

These 17 goals are an urgent call for action by all countries (developed and developing) and were designed to achieve a better and more sustainable world. The S.D.G's were set in 2015 and intended to be achieved in 2030.

Their role is leading campaigns to raise awareness on global issues that affect our world. Not only they have shown they are starting to be Global Citizens but what is more, they could communicate their message with incredible fluency and language skills. 

Let's give big support to these amazing global competent students from SVMS who have shown understanding on multiple perspectives and continue inquiring about the world exploring local and global connections. These inspiring students keep on seeking information beyond school developing a position about the world.
Here are some videos of their campaigns. Each of them worked on a sustainable development goal from United Nations.
Goal 4: Quality Education

This global student explains the importance of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Inequalities in education have increased with COVID-19. Remote learning remains out of reach for at least 500 million students.


Goal 5: Gender Equality
Despite improvements, full gender equality remains unreached. These two global students conducted research about differences in women's salaries and ask for a petition to help the achievement of this goal.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Despite progress, billions of people in the world still lack water and sanitation services. Water scarcity could displace 700 million people by 2030. 

This amazing global student explains some recommendations about how you can collaborate and save water at home.