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SVMS Teacher Becomes a NC Space Education Ambassador

You may be following the news about the launching of Artemis 1, but did you know we have our own NASA connection here at Sun Valley Middle School?

Sun Valley's very own Ms. Carolyn Manikas, had the incredible honor to be selected as a NC Space Education Ambassador, joining a cohort of 16 master teachers representing 11 school districts across the state. The goal of the NC Space Education Ambassador (NCSEA) program is to assist NASA Langley Research Center in the dissemination of NASA mission materials via a statewide network of master teachers. 

Ms. Manikas was able to experience a zero gravity moon walk to install solar panels on an array on the surface of the moon. She participated in challenges such as rocket launching, moon walking with 1/6 gravity, water rescue from a mock flight crash, parachute training on a zip line over water, building a rover and lander, and discussing different space programs. She was even able to take a ride in a Multi-Axis Trainer! This trainer allowed her to experience a simulated "tumble spin" an astronaut might experience in space.

Mrs. Manikas will be working with NASA for the next year as part of the grant to bring lessons to the classroom.