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National School Counseling Week

February 3rd - 7th is National School Counseling Week. This national week focuses on bringing attention to the contribution of School Counselors in all U.S. school systems.  UCEC students and staff would like to thank our amazing School Counselors, Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. Whitley, for the positive impact they continue to make on our UCEC students. Mrs. McFadden has been with UCEC since its inception in 2005.  While there are many things she enjoys about being a School Counselor, she finds most enjoyment from, "Working with the students."  Mrs. Whitley has been a School Counselor for 10 years and was thrilled to join the UCEC staff 2 years ago.  The most gratifying part of the job for her is when she "Sees students achieving their goals."  We are so grateful to have Mrs. McFadden's and Mrs. Whitley's comittment to the growth and success of our students.