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UCEC's Union Power Grant Winner

Mr. Roncone, UCEC’s PE and health teacher, submitted a grant proposal to Union Power Cooperative. On November 28, a representative from the company presented this $2,000 grant to Mr. Roncone. The grant will allow UCEC to purchase equipment such as table tennis, air hockey, billiards, and bumper pool gaming tables for the Cyclone Shelter activity center on our campus. Allowing students the opportunity to bond with one another outside of the academic setting. Mr. Roncone tells us, “This is the fourth time a grant proposal which I have written was funded by the Union Power Cooperative on behalf of my students. Good writing skills are essential in today’s world.”

When asked how it felt to receive the grant, Mr. Roncone stated “It feels GREAT - not just because we were awarded the grant, but knowing that there are people out there helping us to help our students. For the past two years, the academic, and social and emotional realms of students' lives had been negatively impacted due to Covid-19. This grant will provide a great place for UCEC students to learn, and have some fun!” 

Thank you, Union Power Cooperative, for providing teachers with the opportunity to secure additional funds for innovative projects which typical school funds might not cover.

Akira Ware, Amanda Bell