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Scholarship Recipients

Two of our 2022 graduates, or Super Seniors in UCEC vernacular, Dominic Done and Jahnia Harrigan, each received a “Student of Success Scholarship,” provided by State of Success, Inc. This scholarship will help light the path of their bright futures.

Here is what Jahnia had to say about receiving the award, “I'm so beyond grateful! It was really unexpected, especially because this year has been so hectic, but it was a welcome surprise. I think it made it extra special that there were people I look up to, like my mom, that got to see me accept the award, too! Now I’m just looking forward to putting the scholarship towards my education.” Dominic said this about the scholarship, “Receiving the Student of Success Scholarship came with great surprise and honor; I am very grateful! I’m glad that my service towards improving our community is appreciated and it has encouraged me to continue to appreciate the value that our community has to offer!” UCEC extends its congratulations to Jahnia and Dominic.