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Neale Bayly speaks to Leadership class

“I invent my life,” quoted by Neale Bayly who recently came to UCEC and spoke to Mrs. Bell’s Leadership class about an upcoming school-wide fundraiser they will be sponsoring. Mr. Bayly is the founder of Wellspring International Outreach, a charity which focuses on helping abandoned children around the world. Wellspring has done work in Peru, Southern Africa, and is currently working in Ukraine to support a local children's hospital during their time of war. Bayly has a genuine passion for helping others and has been doing so for the past 12-14 years. 

Neale says, supporting Ukraine at this time can be characterized as micro-macro, meaning the small should be given the same priority as the large. Therefore, our small school is as important in his efforts to support the children in Ukraine as a large group of people with greater financial resources. As a result, Union County Early College has decided to raise money for this children’s hospital in Ukraine during its fight against Russia, as they are inadequately prepared to treat war-time injuries such as shrapnel wounds, missing limbs, and burns in young children. 

We are excited for Neale Bayly to return to UCEC on Sept. 9 and speak to the entire student body in order to kick-off our fundraising for his current mission in Ukraine.