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Pre-K Special Visitor

Union Pre-K students were treated to learn about animals favorite foods from a guest presenter Ms. Chelsea Sloggy. She is a Senior Education Specialist from Soil and Water Conservation. Children, often through media like cartoons and children’s stories, develop misconceptions believing that mice only eat cheese, bears only eat honey and rabbits only eat carrots. Ms. Chelsea introduced herself saying, “I hear you’ve been learning about animals.” She showed them a picture of an owl saying “Owls like to eat frogs.” Sophia said, “I’ve never seen frogs.” Ms. Chelsea showed the students a picture of a turkey and grubs saying “Turkeys like to eat grubs.” “They dig with their claws.” After seeing the pictures of animals and their favorite foods, she passed specimens for them to see and touch. Alex said “Pass it to your neighbor” as the turkey leg was being passed. We heard that rabbits like eating clover leaves, squirrel love acorns, red foxes like to eat mice, mice like to eat seeds and bears like to eat berries. After that we played a memory game matching animal pictures with their favorite foods. The best part was getting to keep the memory games!

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