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"Science on the move: Water Cycle Challenge"

“Science on the Move: The Water Cycle Challenge”

                Students in Mrs. Johnson’s 5th grade class recently began learning about the water cycle.  As part of their learning journey, they completed a water cycle challenge where they had to start at one station in the room, read a card at that station and follow it’s directions to the next station.  Each station represented one part of the water cycle (Ocean, Atmosphere, Clouds, Ground, Plants, Rivers and Lakes, and Snow).  The students would then draw arrows on their water cycle map to show the path their water was taking.  After 10 rounds, the students looked at each other’s maps to find similarities and differences, along with a discussion of why the water took that path.  The objective was to see how each drop of water follows a different path in the water cycle.  The students were amazed to realize that no water cycle path was the exact same. 

 Science on the move:  Water Cycle      Science on the move:  Water Cycle  Science on the move:  Water Cycle