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Problem-Based Learning in AIG Class

In our reading classes, we are working on Problem-Based Learning units. The students are given a problem in which they must research and collaborate to find a solution. 5th grade is working on The Black Death unit in which they are assigned a town in Italy during the Black Death breakout in Europe. There assignment is to submit to the council of the elders a plan that will allow their town the least amount of destruction to their people and way of life. The students use a variety of reading strategies combined with social studies to research maps, routes the pestilence may travel and problem-solving skills. The fourth grade has a problem that concerns a penguin that was found in New Zealand. The students take on the role of apprentice zoologists and must decide on a solution where the penguin found can survive and thrive in the world. This unit also uses research, collaboration, and a variety of digital sources for the students to study and come up with the best solution for this penguin. The students are engaged throughout these units enjoy them.

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