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Spaghetti Challenge

Union Elementary Media Specialist, Mrs. Diggs, set-up the “Spaghetti STEM Challenge,” for students in third thru fifth grade.  This EmpowerED activity had students collaborating and communicating with partners while developing their plan.  Students were given the challenge to create the tallest freestanding structure using twenty sticks of spaghetti, three feet of tape and one marshmallow within eighteen minutes.  Once each group designed their plan on paper then they created their structure.   Using a yardstick each group measured the height of their structure.  We compared the heights of each structure to determine the tallest structure.  The tallest spaghetti structure measured 21 inches tall.  After comparing the structures, each team shared successes and challenges they had to complete the task.   

Of course, everyone finished the challenge by eating the leftover marshmallows!

             STEM Challenge          STEM Challenge          STEM Challenge        STEM Challenge