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Fire Safety

Mrs. Pope’s class enjoyed the visit from the Allen’s Crossroad’s Volunteer Fire Department. The Volunteer firefighters taught us about fire safety. They focused on what to do in case of a fire, having a family plan, and ways to prevent fires. Then one of the firefighters put on all the equipment she wears when she goes in to fight a fire. The equipment was very heavy! It also made her look different and sound a little scary! Now we know we don’t have to be afraid of the fire fighters when they have on all their equipment.

Next, we had the chance to check out the fire engine! It was so cool! The firefighters told us about all the equipment they carry on the fire engine. They also let us climb up inside to check out where they sit while they are going to a fire. It was a wonderful visit! We were so fortunate to have the firefighters come and visit our classes!

Fire Safety Fire Safety Fire Safety