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Discovery Place Visit

Union Elementary has partnered up with Discovery Place in Charlotte! There are many hands-on experiences for students to engage in that will keep them entertained the whole time! Recently, fourth grade got to experience 2 of the many different classes that are offered. In one, students learned about animal adaptations and how they survive in their habitats! Getting to touch a sea star, stick bugs, and even a snake was certainly an exciting way to spend a school day! It was an added bonus that students were able to make connections to what they are learning in school. Fourth graders are currently working on a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity where they learn all about how animals survive, what causes them to go extinct, and how we can help to save them!
In another class, the students learned all about electricity and circuits! They were able to see electricity in action, as well as make a real circuit to see how it works! It was certainly an electrifying time for all!
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