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Welcome Officer X

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a minute and send out a little info about myself.

Deputy Alexander Xavier “Deputy X” 

I started my Law Enforcement Career at the Union County Sheriff’s Office in March of 2013. I served in the Jail until November of 2013. At that point I moved to the Union County Court House to serve as a bailiff. I served at the Union County Court House from November 2013 until November of 2015. I then moved to Patrol Division, Indian Trail Contract in November of 2015. I worked in the Indian Trail Contract Division until May of 2017 when I then moved to the Patrol Division David Squad in May of 2017. I was with the “Mighty David Squad” from 2017 until I moved to the Community Services Bureau in November of 2019 to be a School Resource Officer. I moved from Patrol to Community Services because of the better schedule and also to gain more experience in different areas at the Sheriff’s Office.

Certificates Received

·         Speed Measurement Instrument Operator (Radar)

·         Crisis Intervention Team

·         Field Training Officer

·         Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate

·         Advanced Tactical Handgun Certificate

·         Assoc. in Criminal Justice Technologies

·         Law Enforcement General Instructor Certification

And several others that are much more boring J

I have experience dealing with a lot of different law enforcement issues. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. If I do not know the answer I can put you in touch with someone who does.

My primary role at this school is the safety and security of the students and faculty. However, my secondary role is to build a relationship with the students and provide a positive experience for the students and law enforcement. I am also available as a resource for teachers to use. I can also line up a visit from our School Resource Officer K9.

I have been married for 5 years to my wife, Hannah. We just welcomed our daughter, Kinsley Lee, into the world this past December.

I also enjoy training martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu) and playing multiple instruments. If I can do anything for you all please let me know!

I really enjoy being around the students and staff and I want to do the best job I can at providing a safe learning/working environment for everyone.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

My Phone number is 980-699-8563




Officer X's police car     Officer X's daughter