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Fruit Loops Anyone??

What student doesn’t like Fruit Loops? I am excited to introduce a new game in physical education classes called “Fruit Loop Tag”.  This game involves tagging a classmate in the foot by kicking a hula hoop into their feet.  If they are tagged, they must head to the cereal bowl (exercise area) and complete an exercise.  INot only does this make exercising fun and many kids have really enjoyed playing it, it is also a good game to play when trying to avoid sharing equipment with multiple hands. I have also taught students how to read the ingredients off the label on the side of the box.  Did you know that sugar is listed as the second ingredient which means that it is the second most used ingredient in Fruit Loops.  Watch out for all that sugar! Also, many found out that there is no actual fruit in fruit loops.  However, you can add real fruit to your cereal. Don’t forget to add some milk!

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