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Unionville loves Maysen

Maysen Maysen Young started Kindergarten just like every excited young child. He entered the classroom with the biggest smile on his face, eager and ready to take on Kindergarten. Maysen settled into the routines of the classroom and began learning quickly. He immediately shared his love of Nascar and his favorite driver Kyle Larson. He eyes light up as he describes the number 42 car and tells all about previous races he has attended.

A few weeks into the school year, Maysen was playing at home and was hit in the head. His parents were concerned about the bump and decided to take him to the emergency room just to be safe. Maysen’s dad was set that he wanted a CT scan to be done just in case. The results of the scan showed something the family did not expect, a brain tumor. As a result, Maysen will have surgery on October 16th to have the tumor removed.

Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Soots, Maysen’s classmates and Unionville staff wanted to send Maysen off for surgery with a huge smile on his face and happiness in his heart. With the help of Mrs. Soots, Kyle Larson was contacted and decided to send him off to surgery with an even bigger smile on his face! The class came together on October 12th with a collection of books, coloring books and plenty of coloring supplies, pajamas, blankets, gift cards and of course, Spiderman cupcakes to celebrate Maysen. Kyle Larson recorded a sendoff message for Maysen along with sending an autographed hat! The excitement on Maysen’s face while he listened to his favorite race car driver was a memory that no one in the room will ever forget!

Unionville Elementary loves Maysen, and we cannot wait to have this surgery behind him and have him back in the classroom!


Kimberly Goodman, Kindergarten Teacher