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Fairview Fall Festival

Second grade students from Unionville Elementary performed Saturday, October 2 at the Fairview Fair!  Many of our students were able to come sing and play instruments.  The audience heard students sing, play boom whackers (pitched, plastic, pipes) and strum a class set of ukuleles during the opening song, “Welcome to Music”.  They sang in Spanish and did sign language in another welcome song as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.  Mr. Harris also taught them a silly song about being a pizza “Dropped on the Ground”.  Their last song, “It’s a Pumpkin Parade”, had them playing tambourines, shaking  pumpkins, and chanting march cadences.  Saturday was the first time students have had the chance to perform in a LIVE group since COVID!  It was a wonderful day, and the students stayed and enjoyed the fair. 

William Harris, Music Teacher