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School Nursing, Healing the Heart and Soul

Every entity of Nursing has its challenges. School Nursing is no different. Ask any School Nurse what challenges they face and you will get a different answer from each Nurse. School Nursing is not all about bumps, bruises and tummy aches. Much physical pain comes from deeper within. Many complaints are actually from a hurting heart.
As an adult, we have stress in our lives and many responsibilities are put upon us daily. Think about how we feel when all of this is going on. We can get headaches, stomach aches and exhaustion. The list can be endless. If this is how we feel as adults, think about how a child may feel.
As a Title One School Nurse, the challenges I face are very unique. I enjoy getting to know each and every one of our students. Many health office visits that come my way finish up with a simple conversation, a hug and smile. My goal is for our students to walk out of the health office standing taller and prouder. By taking the time to show our students that they are important and how they feel inside and out matters. By teaching them they have a voice and we want to hear them, can not only change the way they see themselves, but what they are willing to accomplish for the day and days to come.
Our goal at Walter Bickett Elementary School is to create a path of no limitations. For many situation, Healing the hearts and souls of our students is a recipe for success and the best medicine anyone could provide