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Countdown to Kindergarten 19-20

Welcome to Union County Public Schools!

Thank you for choosing our school system to provide an excellent and well-rounded education for your child.

UCPS elementary schools have many competitive academic offerings, ranging from dual language immersion programs to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives.

Our highly qualified teachers will empower your child to think critically while also nurturing their creativity in a safe learning environment. And our schools provide educational experiences that will prepare your student to be a leader as well as a responsible, caring and service-oriented citizen.

Kindergarten is an important milestone for your child and family, and UCPS is here to help guide you through the registration process.

You may visit the school your child will attend to complete kindergarten registration.

Please note that you will need to bring the following information:

  • Your child’s birth certificate to verify he or she will be five years old on or before Aug. 31. Birth certificates can be obtained from county officials in the county where your student was born.
  • A certified copy of your child’s immunization record that includes a doctor’s signature or a clinic’s stamp as proof the vaccines were given. Please view the Kindergarten Registration booklet below for a complete list of immunizations required by law before your student’s first day of school.
  • Two documents that provide proof of residence. Please view the Kindergarten Registration booklet below for a complete list of approved documents.
  • Before the first day of school, you will also need to provide your school with a completed Kindergarten Health Assessment Report. The form must be signed by a doctor and include all of the information requested on the form.

Additionally, the Kindergarten Registration booklet below provides you with information and answers to help you prepare your child to begin school. It also suggests some ways you can assist your child in adjusting to school.

If you have additional questions about the registration process, forms or curriculum, please contact the school your child will attend or the UCPS Elementary Education Office at 704-296-0834. To identify which school your child will attend, please use the Edulog School Assignment Finder.