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Students Love the WXES DARE Program

Student working DARE programOfficer Vic with Students      

The DARE graduation is Friday March 29th from 8-9:15 and then immediately following graduation we will be heading to Sports Connection, where they will eat Fox's Pizza and partake in Laser Tag, Bowling, Inflatables and the Arcade Room.

The DARE Program is an 11 week program covering serious topics such as the effects of alcohol and tobacco on teen bodies, bullying, peer pressure, communication, dealing with stress and much more.  It focuses on thinking of the consequences of our actions so we make good choices and how to just be a better person overall.  This has been another great year with a fantastic group of 5th graders. You all should be proud of yourselves.

~Officer Vic

Dare Students      Dare Students      Dare Students    DARE Students

 DARE Class 2019