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Grandparent's Day

Grandparents Day was so much fun, and we enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful Grandparents & Grandfriends! We hope you enjoyed your time together as much as we did. We would also like to thank our parent volunteers: Trista Jorges, Heather Rudolph, Rhonda Mauney, Jenn Dolan, Sheri Garcia, Shelby Overland, Tiffany Powers, Heidi Hamilton, Kelly Fields, Heidi McDermaid, Ashley Wilson, Shawn Keller, Melissa Donnelly, Maleah Batchelor, Clara Lombana, Dora Russell, Rebecca Grant and Sandra Turner. You're all rock stars! We appreciate you sharing your time with us and helping to make this event a huge success! Thank you! And an extra special thank you to Joy Misocky for planning the event and ensuring that it ran smoothly for everyone!