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5th Grade Students Inspire Action

Fifth grade students, Penelope and Avery approached administration with a desire to take action on the use of plastics in the school community. The girls had researched the harmful impact the use of plastics has on the environment. They presented their research and a possible solution to Mrs. Klein and Mrs. Spicer.  Penelope and Avery asked if it would be possible to recruit help from their fellow Wildcats!  Penelope and Avery went on the news to present their project to the school. They asked for students to help bring in old water bottles so that they could be turned into plastic flowers. Our students sprung into action. Over 1,000 water bottles were collected. 

Next, Penelope and Avery hosted a craft booth at Winterfest and the art show. Donations made at their craft booth helped to fund the purchasing of materials to make the flowers.  Penelope and Avery worked closely with Mrs. Hill, our art teacher, to execute the creation of the plastic flowers. With guidance from Penelope, Avery and Mrs. Hill, each student was able to paint and design their own plastic flower. 

The young "change makers" spent a full Sunday installing all of the beautiful flowers, which now can be seen all over our campus!

Penelope and Avery-because of your leadership, vision, committment and purpose, you brought our school together for a common goal.  Your desire to make your community a better place has inspired us all. Thank you for leading us and for inspiring us all to make the world a better, brighter and more beautiful place. 


Avery and Penelope

Plastic flowers next to the carpool line!   Courtyard  median

Upclose look  Carpool  pole