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Keeping a Routine and Screen Free Strategies

Check out a sample daily schedule that Dr. Houlihan, our Superintendent, provided on Twitter! See the schedule here:

 Daily Schedule

Check out these fun ways to unplug!

Several ideas to “unplug” and engage with your child. 

Go for a walk or a bike ride
Visit a nature reserve, feed the ducks or go bird watching 
Play hide-and-seek, go on a bug hunt, or plant a herb garden
Make a handprint tree, create a collage, or put on a play
Make homemade cards or a time capsule
Bake a cake, Cake Pops, or have a tea party, 
Put on a fashion show or rearrange their bedroom
Camp out in the yard, go stargazing, have a BBQ, and build a fire to cook marshmallows
Collect leaves and make leaf prints, an animal mask, or finger paint
Draw pictures, color, create an art gallery and display your art
Fly a kite, play board games, or make up your own games
Build a birdfeeder, make a cardboard box robot, or make finger puppets
Paint a picture, read a book, or do a puzzle
Learn about your town or make a family tree
Do a DIY science experiment, plant a butterfly garden, or have fun with paper mache
Build a min-library of your favorite books or rearrange your room
Have a wheelbarrow race, play tag, do karaoke or have a dance-off
Play restaurant when you make breakfast or dinner for the family
Take some photographs and create a scrapbook
Make tie-dye shirts, origami, button jewellery, or paper airplanes