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Mrs. Hill's Art Lessons       

Mr. Becker's Music Lessons

Ms. Wright's STEAM Lessons

Mr. Hoffman's PE Lessons

  WDES First Family Virtual Field Day Athletic Form

  WDES First Family Virtual Field Day Fun Form

Ms. Bee's Media Center Lessons Videos

Check out Ms. Bee's Flipgrid Page and leave her your video.

       Poetry Lesson Link

       Eric Carle Links:   The Very Hungry Caterpillar     Making a Caterpillar

       Feelings and Emotions Links:   The Feelings Book      Emotions Song 

                                          Making Emoji Bookmarks          Ms. Bee's Flipgrid  Page    

      Celebrating Mother's Day Links: How to Raise a Mom       Making Mother's Day Card

      Virtual Field Day Link:  My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

       Media Center Online Catalog Game:  Destiny Discover Scavenger Hunt

                              Amelia Bedelia Read Aloud