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DLI Students Write about their Favorite Activities in Class

"During our first nine weeks of class in 3rd grade, we have been working really hard on getting back to routines and rigorous learning including academic activities such as a show and tell with a 3rd grade class from Popayán, Colombia; reconnecting and practicing Spanish with last year classmates who are living now in Colorado and France; having parents as guest readers remotely – an idea from our room mom, Mrs. LaBaer; and mentoring. Norah, a student and leader in the class who offered to be a mentor of one of our kindergarten new students. Kudos to the class for building community through their initiatives!" Sta Torres

Wildcats Raya and Julia wrote about their favorite activities in Sta Torres' class: 

Actividades Favoritas de la clase

Hola! Somos Julia y Raya, estamos en tercer grado, en la clase de Srta. Torres. Vamos a hablar de nuestras actividades favoritos de tercero. Primero, me gustó cuando hicimos suma repetida en matemáticas para ser una estrategia para multiplicación, era muy divertido. Segundo, me gustó cuando estudió los niveles de gobierno en Ciencias, era muy interesante. También, me gustó cuando escribimos un texto informativo, investigó y aprendí mucho de mi tema. Hicimos una introducción, tabla de contenidos, cinco párrafos y un conclusión. Nosotros leemos muchos libros y artículos de nuestros temas. Era muy divertido y interesante. Finalmente, me gustó cuando aprendí sobre causa y efecto en lectura, hicimos causa y efecto con los textos informativos. Era muy chévere y interesante. Estas eran las actividades favoritas en la clase. Adiós!

Favorite Activities in Class

Hi! We are Julia and Raya, we are in third grade, in Mrs. Torres´ class. We will talk about our favorite activities in 3rd grade. First, I liked when we did repeated addition in math as a strategy for multiplication, it was very fun. Second, I liked when I studied the levels of government in Social Studies, it was very interesting. Also, I liked when we wrote an informative text. We investigated and learned a lot about our topic. We did an introduction, table of contents, 5 paragraphs and a conclusion. We read a lot of books and articles about our topics. It was very interesting and fun. Lastly, I liked when I learned about cause and effect in reading. We did cause and effect with informative texts. It was very cool and interesting. These were our favorite activities in class. Bye!

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