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Guidance Department Changes

Long time WHS guidance counselor Mr. Dan McCloskey will be leaving WHS as of next Monday to begin a new role as the lead counselor in the Union County Public Schools. We are so very proud of and happy for Dan, but we will certainly miss him and all that he brings to the success equation at WHS. 

A new counselor, Dr. Mary Jordan, will begin her work with us on Monday, 9/17. We are excited to welcome Dr. Jordan, as she brings a dynamic personality and a wealth of successful high school counseling experience to the table. 

We’ve redefined roles and responsibilities within the Guidance Department in a way that we hope will best meet our WHS student needs with the skill sets that we now have on the guidance team. The biggest change at this time is that we are moving from counselors being assigned to students based on their last names to assignments based on grade level (9th: Mary Jordan; 10th: Tracy Reed; 11th: Mallika Rajan; 12th: Jackie Washington). These changes will take effect on Monday, 9/17. Please contact one of these counselors if you have any questions about these changes.