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Staff Powderpuff to Benefit Hurricane Relief

Female staff members from the Weddington School Cluster, Marvin Ridge School Cluster, and Cuthbertson School Cluster are competing in a Staff Powderpuff Football game on Tuesday, October 16th, to help raise awareness, money, and donations for local victims of Hurricane Florence. The game will take place at the Cuthbertson High School football field starting at 6:30 pm. It will be a community event for everyone in all the school clusters.

A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit the Community Shelter of Union County.  Specifically, the city of Monroe has a tent camp community that suffered irreparable damage during Hurricane Florence. The Community Shelter of Union County is helping these residents start over and set up again. To do this, they need the following supplies: monetary donations, Walmart or Target Gift Cards, socks, shoes, underwear, sleeping bags, and blankets.  Donations will be accepted at the game, and local businesses are being encouraged to help support the event.

This is the third year for the Staff Powderpuff challenge.  The game will be played in a tournament format, with each school cluster playing one game against the teams in each of the other two clusters. The team that scores the highest total amount of points after all games are complete will be declared the 2018 Powderpuff Champion.