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English Department Offers Electives for Everyone

English Department Offers Electives for Everyone

How to be a good friend.  How to raise a pet duck. How to shoot the perfect free throw.  How to make slime. These are just a few of the interesting things you might learn how to do if you take Honors Speech and Debate!   Each semester students teach the class “how to” do something. This speech allows students to showcase their own unique talents and skills while they work to improve communication and presentation skills.  During the first semester round of How-To Speeches, the classes went outside for several speeches, including Taylor Bartolomeo’s “How to Raise a Pet Duck,” Chazton Jordan’s “How to Tackle Properly in Football,” and Kyrstin Rollins’s “How to Raise Rodeo Bulls.”  Whether you are terrified of public speaking or love it, Mrs. Youngman promises that you will come out of the class more confident, comfortable, and professional in all communication situations.

The Honors Speech and Debate class is only one of several electives that the English Department offers at WHS.  Students who enjoy writing poetry, short stories, and other works of fiction will love the Creative Writing elective class!  Students who need to strengthen their writing and research skills may want to sign up for Advanced Inquiry and Research. This is a great class for freshmen and sophomores who plan to take AP courses because it will definitely prepare you for those.  Students who take the Yearbook course will learn how to create spreads, take photos, write articles, and solicit advertising. Students must apply and be accepted to take the course.

There is also a new course for seniors who are already strong writers.  It is called Honors Peer Writing. Students who enroll in this course will be assigned to one teacher, but they will assist other classes as well.  These students will primarily tutor other students as they write essays and other types of writing. If you are interested in this new course and have any questions, please see Mrs. Powell.  This course requires approval, and you will need to submit an application with a teacher recommendation to enroll.

Whether you are looking to improve your speaking and writing skills or to help tutor others, the English Department has an elective for you!