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World Language article

Zachary Montana is a senior at Weddington and by the time he graduates in June, he will have taken 12 foreign language classes (German 1-4, Spanish 1-3, Chinese 1-3 and French 1-2). He is a natural linguist and he has excelled in every language class that he has taken. Zachary plans to continue his language studies in college and he hopes to be able to use his skills in his future career.

 “Every language has an aesthetic and sound to it that is extremely unique, and that interests me; phonology and orthography are things that are extremely fascinating.  What’s even more interesting though, is the way my first German teacher taught me that language is not a filter of English, but stands with a separate base of conceptualizing things.  Being able to do something like that, and not translate in my head, and accept that each language means a new way of thinking, has allowed me to be open-minded enough to dare to express myself colorfully in a variety of languages.  If I wasn’t at Weddington, where would I be right now?”

 -written by Zachary Montana, senior