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Undefeated and Unbelievable

On Friday night our Lady Wildcats finished off one of the best basketball seasons in the history of our school. The first game of the season was a nail biter that was only decided in the final second on a buzzer beater from beyond the three point line. From that point on these young ladies knew they were never out of a game. There was a stretch of the season where the ladies refused to lose, sometimes winning consecutive games by one or two points, even pulling the wins out in the last seconds. Thus, these ladies were starting to get nicknamed “The Cardiac Cats” cause they made your heart race at the end of these close knit, tightly fought contests.

There are a couple of things that stick out to me as I watched these girls. One is I feel the coaches empowered the girls. There was “if you miss a shot, I am taking you out.” Honestly from the sidelines, it felt like “if you miss a shot…take another ten shots! One of em is gonna go in!” The lesson was obvious...these coaches Empowered these young ladies. “You will fail sometimes. Just keep trying”…or in our teams case, shoot the ball!

Another thing I recognized was their poise. The poise that these young ladies played with all season was remarkable. Yes, these little girls cried at times and maybe a pouting face was seen. But the way the coaches, Head Coach Grieser and Assistant Coach Simmons, kept these young ladies focused in the face of adversity is true admirable. This was true through the entire season but really came to light in the finals. Our team was up after the half and Parkwood trimmed the lead to four points. With momentum on Parkwoods side our Lady Wildcats kept their composure and stuck to their game plan with ease. No one panicked. There was a calming influence from the bench that transferred to the players and the girls not only held on but started to pull away and it became evident that they were on their way to being champions.

 So today, this week and whenever you feel like it, congratulate these girls and the coaches on an amazing season. Going undefeated is no easy task. The stress of life, school, home life all plays into the season. These coaches did a tremendous job.


Joe Leach