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Wesley Chapel’s New Student Council

The principal at East Elementary speaks, in appreciation, to our student council of the important of giving back!
Our 2015-2016 Student Council representatives are:
4th Grade
Sarah Hunter                           Mason Motto
Kevin Sedetto                         Bella Lamantia
Anna Claire Edwards             Lucas Barnes
Jason Mangeney                    Erin Shirhall 
5th Grade
Ricky Parnell                        Camryn Banks
Gabriella Balzano                 Alyssa Scaramell
Declan Figuereo
Jake Pfeifer
Riley Hall
Ellen Wong
 In the very first meeting, the members created a mission statement that includes a vision for their involvement in school activities.
“We will represent our school by being positive role models. We will make good choices for our school and make it welcoming and safe. We will work together to be problem solvers.”
Student council members take suggestions and concerns from their classmates and these suggestions and concerns are discussed as a group and with administration.
Members promote safety during the mornings as they greet students entering the building and walking to class.  The entire group participated in a community service project by creating gift bags for every student at East Elementary. Over 500! It was quite a task but they pushed through and did a great job. They also accompanied PTO representatives and assisted with delivering the Valentine goodies for the students at East Elementary. It was a great experience! The students and staff at East Elementary were truly grateful and the outpouring of gratitude from them warmed our hearts.
Coming up soon, by request of a few students and teachers, the student council will be organizing a fundraiser for St. Jude Pediatric Cancer Research. They are excited to get this project going.This is a great way for the students to get involved, be heard, and collaborate with their peers to help promote positive changes in our school and community.  We are proud of them!