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Attendance is ESSENTIAL for learning!

Our staff and administration are committed to work together with parents this school year to keep our attendance numbers high and a priority for our Eagles.  Parents, you are ESSENTIAL in helping us achieve this goal. Students must be at school on a consistent basis in order to receive high quality instruction, show growth, and stay current with instructional practices and expectations in the classroom.   Wesley Chapel  Eagles are working hard on being present in school EVERY DAY!  Our awesome Eagles celebrated the 20th day of school on Monday September 26, 2016, by showing our Eagle pride with a school spirit wear day. Our students and parent rose to the occasion....we had 97.28% of our students present on this day! WAY TO GO EAGLES...that is only 8 students absent, let's keep the momentum going!  The 20th day of school is important, as it is one of the main factors of how much funding we receive as a school for the school year. Parents you can help us keep our excitement growing and attendance numbers high by: making school a priority for your child, being aware of the school calendar and schedule vacations accordingly, help students make good choices to stay healthy (wash hands, healthy food, drink plenty of water), and also by ensuring your child gets plenty of sleep so they are ready for learning everyday!
 As you know, UCPS has several early dismissal days on the calendar this year. Parents, please make sure students are present for school on these days. October 3rd is our first early release day of the school year.  Due to the fact that it is a shortened day, teachers will focus strongly on reading and math.  We don't want our students to miss these very important instructional presentations.  It may be tempting to take the day off and extend the weekend, but please don't!  We really need our students here whenever instruction is taking place!  
Thank you parents for your support in making education a priority for your children and helping our school be successful! 
Mrs. Maher's 4th graders celebrated the 20th day of school by showing their Eagle pride!