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After-school Enrichment Program Shines at Wesley Chapel

For twelve weeks each school year, students at Wesley Chapel actually look forward to staying after school. What could have elementary students so eager to remain after the dismissal bell has rung? The answer lies in a long standing tradition that began with the desire to provide enrichment opportunities to all students.

Believe it or not, WASEP (Wesley Chapel After-School Enrichment Program) has been around since around 1993.  It started out quite small, with about 50 or so kids participating.  Through the years, the program has grown to accommodate well over 100 students per session, about 25% of the school’s population. The program is offered to students twice a year, with each session being 6 weeks in length.  

The enrichment program is unique to Wesley Chapel and is offered to WCES students in K-5.  The classes are taught by staff, parents, and community members of WCES, and is run by dedicated parent volunteers.  

This well-loved program offers a variety of courses that vary from time to time to fit the students' changing interests. A sampling of some of the courses that have been recently offered are Ukulele, Little Chef, Weird Science, Cheer, Under the Sea, Wild Kratts, and STEM Challenge.  (We've even been known to turn out a Superhero or two!  If you can dream it, we've probably done it!)

Scholarships are offered for those who need help with the cost, as we feel that every child should have the opportunity to explore new things and expand interests outside the scope of the traditional classroom.  WASEP allows the kids to explore the world around them by creating new experiences, developing new skills, and to quite simply having a blast while learning something new and exciting!  

*Special thanks to Krista Grzandziel for providing the information about WASEP written above.

Jacqueline Jordan