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College Day Integrating Globalization

Third grade students were provided a session on coding by Bank of America employee (and spouse of a Wesley Chapel teacher), David Newell.  He also has two children who attend the school.  The students got to try their hand at coding, which sometimes ended in a very special message to one of the teachers, Mrs. April Newell.  

Another very special activity was provided by Mr. Zak Dalmai, a parent of two Wesley Chapel students.  Mr. Dalmai presented information on studies and attending college in Israel, his home country.  Fourth and fifth grade students learned about the requirements for young people after completing high school, and what it takes to be able to attend college.  Mr. Dalmai discussed the similarities and differences in this track in the United States and Israel.  And, the pictures were awesome!  This was a truly informative learning opportunity for the students and teachers.  Thank you, Mr. Dalmai!

We appreciate the involvement of our parents in making academics fun and exciting for our students here at Wesley Chapel Elementary School!
Wendy Gravely