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We are Going Global!

As part of the Global School Network, Western Union Elementary staff will be involved with specialized training through Participate to bring the world into our classrooms in the coming school year! We have started on some foundational components this year with visits to other schools, by forming a global team and preparing a plan to support the initiative! 

So what does this mean?

Each grade level will have a geographical region of the world to investigate. Through activities that are blended with grade level content, students will be able to compare and contrast aspects between other lands with those in America. As a student progresses through the grade levels, they will experience learning about these regions and cultures toward building a better understanding of the world around them. Students may even get the opportunity to learn from International teachers! This is an exciting opportunity for our students and for our staff as we all learn together and bring another level of diversity and thinking into our classrooms!

Summer activities for students!

The activities found here, are for students to become involved with the ideas we will explore throughout the coming year. The challenge is to complete five, but you could certainly do more! We ask that students bring one of the activities that they completed for sharing during the first week of school. Those participating will receive a token item as a prize for completing and sharing their experience. The activities to choose from are the same for every grade level—the region of focus is what is going to be different. These regions are listed below.


Geographical Regions

Kindergarten = North America

1st Grade = South America

2nd Grade = Africa

3rd Grade = Asia

4th Grade = Oceania

5th Grade = Europe


How can families help?

In addition to the activities, families could help us with obtaining resources and authentic artifacts! If you have items from these areas that you no longer want and would like to donate to the school or are willing to let us borrow them, we will accept them anytime. If you have items you would like to share but not donate, then contact your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year. If you know of someone living  in one of these locations that we could connect with as pen pals or as an international resource, please let us know. Finally, if you are going on a trip over the summer to one of these geographical locations perhaps you might bring (or mail us) a postcard or small memento and give us a map of the location!

Way to Go Western Union Elementary for providing students with the opportunity