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What is a Spelling Bee?

This November was our 2017 WUES Spelling Bee. Our winner was 5th grader Riley Likes, and our runner-up was 5th grader Virginia Bailey.

What Is A Spelling Bee?

A Spelling Bee is a school contest where two students from every 3rd through 5th grade class compete by spelling words. The way to win is by spelling each given word correctly. Here is a list of rules:

  • However you spell the word the first time is what the judges go with, so think about what you are spelling.
  • If the judges ring the bell, you have been eliminated from the Bee. They will only ring the bell if you spell the given word incorrectly.
  • The winner of the Bee will move on to the Union County Spelling Bee. If he/she cannot attend for some reason, the runner-up will take their place.
  • Take your time on the word you’re spelling. I’m not saying take ten minutes to spell a word, just don’t rush and most importantly…
  • Have fun!

That wraps up this Spelling Bee article, Eagles! Remember, it only allows 3rd through 5th graders, so if you’re in one of those grades, you can do it. Just don’t forget to study!

Congratulations to everyone that participated.  We are very proud of our winner, Riley Likes, from Mr. Hughes' 5th Grade Class.

Spelling Bee Contestants                                       spelling bee


Written by: Maranda Earley, 5th Grade Student