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Battle of the Books Comes to WUES

Battle Of the Books is a club for elementary, middle and high school. The point of the club is to read 15 books and represent your school at a district competition. So you can tell it's a pretty big commitment to join. Not only do you have to be an avid reader but you also have to remember every little detail about the book. From the setting and characters to remembering the authors name. It’s CRAZY!

I interviewed one of the clubs administrators, Mrs. Stinchcomb, and these are her answers:

 What made you decide to put the school in the BOB competition?

As an elementary school student, I participated in a similar club and it was really enjoyable. Mrs. Shaw and I really hope that WUES students have fun participating in BOB and get to try new books outside what they might have chosen for themselves.

 Do you feel confident with the group of students you have?

Just from the few meetings we’ve had so far, it really has been exciting to see how voracious our WUES team members are. Student really are chipping away at the book list and I think the enthusiasm will help us a great deal.

Has the school ever participated in a school competition before?

This is the first WUES BOB team. Parkwood Middle school has a team, so it will be great to send students on to a middle school who can compete at that level.

What are some of your personal favorite books on the list?

I just finished Wish, by Barbara O'Connor and it was a great story. She is one of my favorite authors so I was glad to see her on the list.

What are your thoughts about the competition, nervous, excited, etc?

I think that anytime you are doing something for the first time there is an element of nervousness. It will be a new experience for our school and we’ll be competing against teams that have done it before. Any nervousness I do feel is definitely outweighed by the excitement I feel everyday when team members check out books from the list. I know the team will make our school proud.                  

You can clearly see that being in the club is a big commitment and honor. So if your skills fit the clubs purpose I suggest you give it a shot.  



Written By: Riley Likes, 5th Grade Student