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It's EOG Time

It's That Time of Year

North Carolina State EOG (End of Grade) Testing is just around the corner for all 3rd – 5th graders.  The testing schedule is as follows:

May 30th - Reading

May 31st – Math

June 5th –  3rd Grade Read to Achieve

June 6th – 5th Grade Science

June 7th – 3rd Grade Re-Test

Make-ups will take place June 1st  – the remainder of the school year.

We are currently looking for Proctors – Please considering signing up -

We will starting testing at 7:50, so please make sure that all students are here by 7:35 a.m.. We want to make sure they are settled and accounted for on attendance before beginning.  We want to make sure the students understand that the test is important, however, it is only one piece of data to determine their strengths and weaknesses. 

We want to make sure that the children: Get plenty of rest, eat a normal/big breakfast, is stress free, and is on time and present for the test. Please make sure to remind your child to Give their Best, and Nothing Less.

I know the students are well-prepared as I have observed the teachers working on their testing unit and the students staying extra-focused during these mini-lessons.  I am so proud of how hard everyone has been working and I am looking forward to seeing the remarkable results.

(note: 3rd Grade Read to Achieve and the 3rd Grade Re-test only apply those students who did not pass the first EOG, nor have a good cause exemption.)

Kate Anderson, Assistant Principal