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WUES Music Class enjoys Global Connections

WUES Music classes enjoyed watching a virtual performance of Sonia De Los Santos from Monterrey, Mexico. She tours around the world, singing in Spanish and English, along with playing several musical instruments, including the Mexican jarana, similar to a ukulele. The performance was available through Appalachian State University’s APPlause! K-12 Performing Arts Series. 

The students enjoyed singing and doing motions to “Chocolate.” They counted in Spanish and sang the word “Chocolate” in Spanish (cho-co-la-te). 

During the virtual performance, Sonia talked with a musician friend from Colombia about musical instruments. WUES 3rd grader Nicolas Useda Sanabria shared a musical instrument with his Music class from his home country of Colombia. 

 Sonia’s favorite foods are anything made with corn. Her second favorite food is avocados. Kindergartener Clara Connell said that she doesn’t like avocados. She said she likes Sonia’s singing a lot better than she likes avocados. Music teacher Mrs. Reese wonders how many other students agree with Clara about avocados, but based on the students’ engagement and participation, Mrs. Reese is pleased ​that the students enjoyed the performance of Sonia De Los Santos. 


Cathy Reese-WUES Music Teacher