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Welcome to Western Union Elementary School, Laura Sierra!

This is my 8th year of experience as a teacher and my second one at WUES. Regarding my professional background, I did a childhood education licensure, I am a bilingual specialist, and am looking to start my master's degree in education. Also, I studied English at a well-known college in Bogota, Colombo Americano, and I taught in Bilingual schools in my country.

As Participate Learning Ambassador Teacher, I would like to share my culture and other cultures around the world. As a DLI team, we try to integrate content into the curriculum, planning celebrations, participating in festivals, and a wide variety of other activities. On the other hand, it is very exciting for me to learn about your culture and have the opportunity to visit those amazing places around EE.UU, and collect and collect memories.

 I know I will experience personal and professional growth. I want to share my knowledge and learn from my other colleagues. Of course, my students will be a  very important aspect, since I truly believe they are the best teachers, and I will give my best to build skillful individuals, and strengthen the future citizens, but overall provide a safe, stable, and happy environment where every single student can create, imagine, dream and just be themselves.


Laura Sierra