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An Important Message From Our Principal

Dear Wingate Wildcat Community,

We have all seen or heard the recent events that have plagued our country again. I have spent the last few weeks like many of you, compelled to consume news I can hardly bear to read or watch. Once again, racism has reared its ugly head. The events unfolding in Minneapolis after the death of Mr. George Floyd, is a reminder that our plea for social and racial equality is still needed. 

Knowing that racism permeates our culture and civic life is hard enough to accept. Wingate Elementary School continues to support ALL STUDENTS and will continue to work to create a community where ALL of our CHILDREN can feel safe and supported at all times.

As we transition to the summer, if you are in need of assistance or support of any kind, specifically in light of the current events, please visit our school’s website for more information on how to obtain assistance. 

Thank you Wildcats and continue to remain safe.

Have a fantastic summer.

Mr. Johnson