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Giving Gators begins on November 9th

 Giving Gators Week Begins

Friday, November 9th


Each grade is being asked to bring a specific food:

Kindergarten – bring in 15 oz. canned fruit

1st Grade – bring in 15 oz. ravioli

2nd Grade – bring in 15 oz. canned vegetable

3rd Grade – bring in 16 oz. peanut butter

4th Grade – bring in 12 pack of boxed grits or oatmeal

5th Grade – bring in 12 pack of boxed grits or oatmeal 

** If your child has a food allergy feel free to substitute with an item from a different grade level.

Place food in the collection bins at the school entrances November 9th-16th.  There will be parent volunteers in the car rider and bus rider areas to help students as needed.  Food may also be dropped off on Saturday November 17th from 8:30-9:00 am in the bus lot.

Important:  Please no glass jars, and please DO NOT bring grits or oatmeal in Costco/Sam's Club packs.  These cannot be correctly portioned for the individual bags.  Thank you!

This event needs many adult and student volunteers in order to be successful.  Click here to volunteer