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Mr. Tegard Is a Teacher Getting Results!!

Mr. Josh Tegard has been selected as "A Teacher Getting Results". Mr. Tegard and his class received a surprise on November 28 when local news media entered the classroom to observe the classroom and capture footage of the teacher and students in action. Mr. Tegard was recognized and his interview will air this evening on Fox News Channel 46 at 6:00pm and again at 10:00 pm. He will also appear tomorrow morning live in the studio! Here is the submission that lead to his recognition. 

The clock in the room reads 7:00 am and third grade students at Antioch Elementary begin to make their way into room C 105. Students enter the classroom and begin their day. Without being told what to do, students put down chairs and ready their homework from the previous evening with military precision.  Josh Tegard stands at the ready to greet students as he continues to build personal relationship that foster academic achievement and self-esteem. Mr. Tegard is a beginning teacher that has made tremendous strides to become a truly gifted teacher. Last year his students demonstrated the largest growth in the school in the area of Reading. He has created a game called "Homeworkopoly" that resembles the board game Monopoly, but rewards students for meeting and exceeding expectations. This year Mr. Tegard is providing professional development to his colleagues in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to promote the integration of cutting edge teaching strategies. This week a parent of a former student said, "My daughter is in fifth grade now and she stills talks about Mr. Tegard. He had a significant impact on my child and my family. My daughter struggled in school and now she loves school and his an Honor Roll student. He is a tremendous asset to our school. Don't ever let him leave."

Congratulations to Mr. Tegard and to Antioch Elementary for this recognition. 

Tom Childers, Principal