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Kindness is a Universal Language

Last Thursday  we had a lesson on kindness  to encourage the students to be the best they could be. We talked about how we feel when someone is kind to us and then we talked about how we feel when someone is not being kind. Students were shown a paper sheet that represented their heart. Then they were shown how someone can make them  feel sad  by tearing up the paper. At the end a piece of tape was put on the paper to show that even after apologizing their feelings will still  hurt, this part was really powerful . We finished the activity by writing inside a heart- shaped paper about a kind action that  we have seen someone else has done.  This activity ended very reflective and from now on we will write on a small paper about when we caught  someone doing something good. Then we put it inside the “Kindness Jar” and once per day we will read it out loud.