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National School Library Week

National Library Week is April 7-13, 2019 and this year’s theme, Libraries = Strong Communities, illustrates how today’s libraries are at the heart of our schools,  providing critical resources, programs and expertise.


Antioch’s media center is situated in the center of our campus and more importantly, it is the heart and hub of the school.  So far this school year, we have had 19,369 book circulations. Students use our digital resources such as e-books, online encyclopedias and databases, and other digital resources on a daily basis, which gives them library access from anywhere they have a device and a connection.


Special events are a major part of the school library program as well.  The library promotes reading for students, teachers and their families through events like our Book Fairs, Kindergarten Winter Wonderland, Book Fairy visits and Read Across America day.   In addition, the library frequently hosts school-wide events such as Bingo and Baskets, Jump Rope for Heart day, after-school clubs, and other meetings.


Our students sum it up best when they share why THEY love the library, however!

“I love my school library because...

... they have cooking books!

... there are so many books to read! I love to read.

....our librarian makes media fun!

... you can find any book you want and love any book you want.”