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Author Visit in Ms. O'Sullivan's Fourth Grade Class!


On September 6, the students of Ms. O Sullivan's 4th grade class were very fortunate to meet an up and coming children's book author, Mr.  Brian Gorman.   He read to them his book, A Dog's Paradise. Growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts and now currently working as a CPA with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the Uptown Charlotte area, Mr. Gorman spoke of his love of reading, and the mentors in his life which inspired his beautiful story depicting the importance of mentorship and the positive influences that come from the relationships around us.  Told from the viewpoint of two rescue dogs, the story has colorful characters emulating traits of kindness and compassion, highlighting the importance of patience and always being a mentor for someone in need.

His message to the children; growing ideas into real possibilities, working hard today to achieve the successes of tomorrow, being open to opportunities for positive learning and influencing, and remembering to always be kind.

We wish him every success in his endeavors for the future.