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Ms. Gutierrez - First Grade DLI

Ms. Gutierrez - First Grade


It looks like we have gone through a new dimension for now. The greetings are different, the smiles are different, the games are different, and even our classroom is different. What can be similar? ...Well, our hearts!!!! Our hearts that keep us motivated to learn, to interact, to see, to inspire. It’s our everyday motivation that keeps us warm here.

This school year has started very differently to the past times, but it does not mean we are out of base! Indeed, we keep living adventures in our second home in both in-person and remote learning classrooms.

During these atypical days, where no physical contact is welcome as we usually shared, we have adopted new habits of demonstrating affection and caring. Yes! It’s been possible to have all of these in our class! However, we’ve learned to hug in the air, high five in the air, and encourage others by kind and motivating words.

Also, we have learned new things:

In math, we have found the different ways to make number 10, we’ve learned to use the number line pretty well. Jumping like frogs when adding numbers in the additions.

In Literacy, we are learning about the parts of the book, the story elements and represent them in our hands.

In Social Studies, we are learning about how to become good citizens in our communities.

Our class keeps being fantastic, enriching and full of new things every day! We are VERY motivated! :)