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What is going on in P.E.?

In Physical Education students in all grades have been warming up with Tiger Tail Pull.   This is a fun game of chasing, fleeing, and dodging. Once your tail is pulled you head out of bounds, roll 2 dice and add or multiply to determine the amount of an exercise you do.  Once the exercise is complete, the student heads back to get a tail and return to the game.

Students have also played scarf tossing. Students throw a scarf and catch partners. We have just recently tried it in large groups.  The students get further and further away while still trying to toss and catch the other person’s scarf.  They discovered it takes a little more planning and cooperation to do this in a group.Students in P.E. class

Grades 3rd-5th have been working on throwing and catching a football, going out for passes, defense and throwing through a hula hoop.

Grades K-2 have been throwing and catching different objects to self and others.  Students discussed which objects were easier/ harder to catch. They counted the times they are able to catch the item consecutively.

Kindergarten has also played Pin, a game from Guatemala.  It is a form of bowling done with one Pin. They practiced counting the times they knocked the pin down. They are also practicing stepping in opposition, aiming, and working with a partner.

Third grade has been working on a small play of “The Girl That Cried Wolf”.

Lastly, we have started playing Hula hoop bean bag toss.  You try to block your partners toss from landing in your hoop.  Again working on aim, tossing, and blocking.


Denise Leon, BHESA Physical Education Teacher