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Dance Teacher, Ms. Mufuka was awarded the honor of “Dance Educator of the Year”

Congratulations to our Dance Teacher, Ms. Elsie Mufuka who was awarded the honor of “Dance Educator of the Year” in Charlotte on Sunday April 7, 2019. Each year one dance educator is awarded this high honor in our state by the Charlotte Ballet and this year BHESA dance teacher was that recipient.   “It was an honor to nominate Ms. Mufuka for consideration" said Mr. Casstevens, Arts Coordinator.  Congratulations Dance Educator of the Year, Ms. Mufuka! “She is truly dedicated to our students in teaching them to express their voice through movement.”  

Ms. Mufuka teaches dance at BHESA and also at the Charlotte Ballet. She also owns Mufuka Dance Works in the Charlotte area who has performed all over NC and in other states.    


Frank Casstevens, Arts Coordinator